Регулятор напряжения 9432 3702 01 схема

регулятор напряжения 9432 3702 01 схема
The date of production is marked on the case of the items. The voltage regulator 9432.3702-01 is the regulator of a new generation. The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid during 4 years from the date of the item production. Due to usage of the modern powerful field-effect transistor as an output switch, the highest parameters of the current velocity characteristic are reached, the power losses are sharply lowered and the item reliability as a whole enlarged. Applicability: serially on automobiles «Daewoo Lanos» 1.4i, «Daewoo Sens», «Slavuta», «Tavria», 2004-2009 years of manufacture with the alternator 97T.3701. It is possible to apply the regulator composed of other alternators with analogical switching circuit and restrictive rectifier unit.

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